Friday, October 27, 2017

Living on the Edge... Mark the Date!

Hey all!

As you may (or may not) know, I put everything on hold a little over a month ago so that I could process things and deal with the aftermath of Hurricane María's passing through Puerto Rico. It obliterated my hometown.

Not being able to talk to my family for weeks was the worst thing I've gone through in my entire life, and let me tell you, I've been through some crazy stuff. In fact, you'd probably roll your eyes and scoff if I wrote them into a book. That's neither here nor there, though. My point is that the feeling of impotence was debilitating. Seeing the suffering of my fellow Boricuas as well as watching the devastation in our little slice of paradise knocked me on my big fat Puerto Rican behind. I could barely function, and I wasn't sure I wanted to release a book that's set in a place that's going through so much right now.

But I do.

I want to bring Living on the Edge to all of you—introduce you to my gorgeous island, our culture, and our people, and show you places that, albeit currently destroyed, I have no doubt will get their former beauty back, because we Boricuas won't rest until we'd fixed our home. Another thing I want to do is contribute to that effort in any way I can, which is why I've decided to donate all proceeds from this book to relief efforts back home.

Living on the Edge will be released November 24, 2017 and it is now available for preorder on Amazon. So please, take a look at the blurb and consider one-clicking on the buy link. Puerto Rico needs all the help it can get. 



Le Blurb:

 Damián Laporte Ortíz is an expert at leading a double life. Most people know him as a war veteran and highly decorated cop working for F.U.R.A., a specialized police unit in Puerto Rico. Others know him as a crook. His family sees him as an honorable man and an exemplary single dad. The truth is he’s morally ambiguous and willing to bend rules. His peace of mind, happiness, long-term relationship, and survival depend on keeping his worlds apart. It isn’t until his professional career takes a series of unexpected turns that he’s forced to reconsider his priorities and stance.

Gay rights activist Gael Cisneros Beltrán dedicates his life to representing the marginalized LGBT community in a place he otherwise considers to be paradise. Fighting for their rights consumes his days. Going home to his closeted boyfriend replenishes him at night. Balancing their needs, goals, and responsibilities is a complicated act, but their commitment to each other continues to stand.

No challenge is too great to overcome. Nothing can tear them apart. Not until the past comes knocking and their carefully built parallel lives finally collide. Now they must decide what matters more—the common good or their love.