Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little worried

Tonight I decided to organize all the finished chapters and save them into one document to test the flow and get the word count. Turns out I am already on 101,707 words and I have at least five more chapters to write. After reading and re-reading, I am convinced none of it is filling; so what do I do? Trim scenes that I consider important/fundamental even though same do not include the main characters? Or do I keep it as long as it is? Is the length of my project going to negatively affect editors' decision when I finally submit it? Do they prefer shorter books?

Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's a new guy in town

Today I saw a picture of this beautiful model. He is androgynous and has an almost ethereal aura... There's something about him that definitely touched me, and right away I found myself thinking I needed to have a character based on him. Since then I've found lots of more images of this boy and, little by little, he's shaping up in my head. I don't think he wants to stay there for too long, though. Can't wait to see who he'll turn out to be.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giving it a go

I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I just love to get lost in other worlds... other people's lives... to laugh and cry and suffer with them... Romance is my favorite genre. But it has to be real; something I can relate to. Being in my 30s, I've read thousands of stories. Some excellent, some memorable, some average, some that had me wondering from the very first page how in the world did the things get published in the first place! I would find myself tweaking and editing the stories. I'd change names, shave beards and mustaches off, move the thing to a different location and more than once gave certain characters a lobotomy, I was so annoyed at their personalities. I was convinced I could be an amazing editor, but never once did it occur to me to be a writer.

Until a few months ago. Almost five, to be exact.

Every day, a dear friend of mine and a writer, would run ideas by me. I'd listen, give my opinion and even ideas I had. I was convinced same could just be developed by another person. Embry, my friend, took some of them and did just that and I've got to say, I loved most of the stuff Embry came up with, but just like with the books I read, I found myself tweaking and editing. Turns out I had a very strong idea of who those characters were and the path they were supposed to follow and somewhere along the way my suggestions became a collaboration project. I am excited about it, I must admit. Not only because I am sharing this journey with one of my dearest friends, but also because we are writing a genre that is very close to my heart: m/m romance. I have several gay friends, both male and female and I am a passionate pro gay rights advocate and I'll do my best to do good by my characters as they all carry a little piece of my real friends in them.