Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday News

I have a terrible cold, it is a hundred degrees and I feel like I could use three weeks of sleep inside an igloo. I am also behind on every item on my To Do list and I have had a rather emotionally draining morning. Still, it is one of the best days of my life. Want to know why? Because it is finally sinking in.

Yesterday I got the amazing news that Six Degrees of Lust, the first installment in my series, will be published by MLR Press. The first reaction was disbelief, and of course I had to re-read the email twenty times before I allowed myself a victory dance. A very short one, as I had to go back to my computer and read the email another fifty times, you understand. Once I had no doubts whatsoever I wasn't dreaming or high on cough medicine and hallucinating, I called for my kids and shared the news with them. We laughed and cried and hugged, and it was then when I really started freaking out.

An acceptance letter and contract is something authors dream about on a daily basis... or at least I do, and I have to say that receiving it triggered the most complex combination of feelings I have experienced in quite some time. Excitement, accomplishment, pride, anxiety and fear have been front and center for hours and fighting for the spot light, but underneath it all there's also a sense of peace. Of calm and contentment. 

Today I am relaxed and composed; more than ready to start working with my editor and present readers with the kind of book that will grab both their attention and their heart.
So yeah, I feel like I am in a sauna and could definitely do without the stuffy nose and sore throat, but I am also the happiest person in the world right now :-)


  1. So happy for you Taylor... congratulations girl... Can't wait to see you officially in print.