Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rainbow Awards 2013

More than 150 judges read 400 books, give or take a few, and the Rainbow Award Winners are in.

I am thrilled to announce "Disasterology 101" took Third Place in the Best Contemporary Romance category and Seventh Place in the Best Gay Novel category.

This story means the world to me. It wasn't easy to write and it most certainly isn't an easy story to read. The message is not "all you need is love", or "love fixes everything", but one of courage and perseverance, and how sometimes it is worth it to bend over backwards for the person we love, even if others can't understand what we see in them or why would we bother.

Thanks to my friends (you know who you are) for holding my hand throughout research and development and thank you for the pep talks once the manuscript was out of my hands. Thanks to the reviewers for your encouraging first reactions and thoughts on the story. Thanks to all the readers that took a chance on Cedric and shared his journey. And thanks to Elisa Reviews and the Rainbow Awards team. This is awesome!

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