Thursday, December 11, 2014

Amazon Made a Mistake with Heavy Hitters

In case you guys didn't get to see this, here's part of a massage I posted yesterday.

I can't dedicate time to my writerly persona right now. For the longest time I've been engaged in a race against time, but I need to stop. My day job is my priority at the moment, plus I need to think about my health, and guys, I can't deal with the stress anymore. One mental breakdown was enough. :-(

Many of you know I don't like doing things half-assed, so I'm going to concentrate on my job and take a brief break from the gay romance world. Just a few weeks, but nothing TVD related will happen until I come back. This means the release of Heavy Hitters (December 12th) will be postponed until then. I'm sorry for disappointing all of you who were looking forward to it, but I hope you'll understand that I wouldn't do this if I absolutely didn't think I had to. Like I said before, it won't be for too long, and you can be sure I will give you quality stuff upon my return.

Amazon was supposed to un-publish the book, yet I got an email saying it was delivered to everyone who pre-ordered it. I hate to tell you all this, but you got Six Chapters. That's not even a third of the book. I never uploaded the entire story.

And I'm fuming.

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