Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Queer in Color

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Interview with yours truly in this month's Queer in Color newsletter about my upcoming release, 'Forces of Nature.' Here's a snippet.

QIC: What inspired you to write this story?

Taylor: The inspiration for ‘Forces of Nature’ was Puerto Rico’s financial crisis and Hurricane María which, as everyone knows, devastated the island. I wanted to explore how unemployment has separated families and contributed to the ever-growing diaspora and why most of us can’t wait to get back home.

QIC: How did your characters come into being? Were you inspired by your own life experiences, by travels, someone in your neighborhood, etc.?

Taylor: I can’t deny there’s a little bit of me in Saúl Cartagena Toro. Having moved to the United States seventeen years ago, I’ve dealt with homesickness, the pain from being away from my family, and the frustration from not being able to help as much as I wish I could when something happens down there and I can’t hop on a plane right away. I definitely shared some of my experiences with him,

QIC: What makes your story and/or characters unique and interesting?

Taylor: Culture. I didn’t shy away from showing the good along with the bad, nor from portraying my people just like we are.

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  1. Hello, Can you please tell me when your sequel to "Hearsay" will be coming out. I have been waiting since 2015 for book 2. Thank you for your time, I await your response.


    Jon G. redbearny48@twc.com

    1. Hi Jon! My apologies for the wait but I had to go on a long writing hiatus. I am shooting for May 2019 but not only for Gainsay. I think I want to release it along with Daresay, which is book 3 in the trilogy, and finish it. :-)