Friday, June 6, 2014

Good Things Happen By Degrees

Hello, my lovely readers!

I know some (all) of you will be disappointed to read this, but I have to let you know it'll be a few months until Six Degrees of Agony is released. I want to get these stories to you as soon as possible, but I also want to do what's best for my series, and after much soul-searching, I finally made a decision.You're probably wondering how is this good news at all, considering Six Degrees of Separation came out almost a year ago, but hear me out, okay? Okay. :-)

This week I had lunch with Elizabeth North. For those of you not familiar with her name, she's the owner of one of the most fabulous publishing houses of gay romance. Among other things, we discussed the future of By Degrees, and I'm thrilled to announce the series has a new home with Dreamspinner Press.

Six Degrees of Lust will remain with MLR Press for the duration of its contract. You can still get print and electronic copies through their website, as well as third-party vendors, but DSP will hold audio and translation rights. Full rights to every installment in the series after Six Degrees of Lust will now be held by DSP.

Although it pains me to make you all wait, I am super excited to work with DSP, and I know you'll find the end result worth the wait. Just remember time flies, and Six Degrees of Agony will be here before you know it. Besides, we'll have lots of new releases from awesome authors to keep us occupied. :-)   

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support. They mean the world to me.




  1. This makes me very sad since I have been anticipating and looking forward to this release, but, I would rather wait a little longer and have the best story and series then get it sooner and not have the best for the series! I don't do well waiting, but I will hang on a bit longer. :)

  2. Congratulations!!! That's great news. You just celebrate your hard work and us loyal readers will wait. We know writing is a creative process anyways, and sometimes takes longer than planned. Good things are always worth waiting for!!

  3. Agreed!! I am impatient, but I know it will be well worth the wait!!~

  4. Audio rights? Are they thinking of creating audio books? If they decide to do the audio books, I will most certainly purchase them. I myself recommend Sean Crisden as the voice actor. I think he would do justice to Sam and Mac, and all the others.
    I'm sad to have to wait some more for Agony., I love the characters, and if they aren't ready, then they are not ready. Oh well, I'll just re-read the first two books again to tide me over.

  5. There's no question it will be worth the wait.:) Will this impact the timing of the freebie short?

  6. Any closer to release date yet?

  7. Is there a release date yet?

  8. Just saw on facebook she said it won't be released until 2015!! :(

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