Sunday, June 1, 2014

To My Lovely Readers

As many of you know, I'm not a blogger. It's very rare for me to share my inner musings, mainly because I lack the talent to do so. Blogging, in my opinion, is an art, and I decided to leave it to the experts a long time ago.

That being said, there's something I'd like to share with all of you now that Hearsay has gone live..

I love writing. I love creating characters and situations, and, more than anything, I like addressing issues that I've seen affect gay individuals and couples. Consequently, I try to keep my plots as realistic as I can.

We all love a good fairy tale. We all want to believe love conquers all. Sadly, I'm far too jaded to believe that love alone accomplishes anything. In my opinion, it is up to the individuals in love to work out their issues and push through the realities of life so that they can be together. My stories will always reflect that, no matter what. So be forewarned. If you read something of mine, it'll have very realistic roots.

Another thing I love is writing different characters. I love the guys who live to have sex and find the love of their life in someone they thought was a casual lay (I'm looking at you, Sam Shaughnessy). I love the guy with a serious mental illness and goes to therapy every day so that he can be better for himself and his partner (hello, Cedric Haughton-Disley!). And I love guys like Derrick Swain, from Hearsay, who wants to be the star of his very own Disney fairy tale.

My guys come from different backgrounds and have different issues to deal with. Some of them express the love they deny feeling by having off-the-charts hot, messy sex. Some others express their love by going through a serious of necessary steps just so that they can hold hands. And some others express their love by being sexually creative because, for medical reasons, messy sex is just not possible. They all deserve to get the man they want. They all deserve love. And I'll always make sure they get it, even when they aren't the type to have crazy monkey sex every day.

I love you all for your support. I love to read your comments about Sam and Mac's chemistry, about Kevin and Cedric's commitment, and I look forward to reading your comments about the obstacles Derrick and Roman have to overcome in order to be together in Hearsay. But I'd like to ask from all of you to keep in mind all my characters are different. Do I sound like a broken record yet? ;-) Seriously, though. I'm trying my best to give you all a different, unique story every time you purchase one of my books, so, please, give all the characters a chance and judge/review/rate them individually, because their circumstances are different. :-)  That's all I ask.




  1. That was an honest an amazing post. I absolutely agree with your words and i hope all your readers will give each book the chance that they deserve.Nobody wants to always read the same story, like a memory known recipe with the same ingredients.You take your time to build a story that is like a huge network, a perfect map, without giving all the answers. I really like what you do and the nd the slow and winding road that leads to the goal of the book. Heep with the good work, all my support form Argentina.

  2. Taylor, I never know what to expect from your works of art. Everything you write takes the reader on an unexpected journey. I know what the end result will be, but for the life of me, I can never figure out how the characters are going to get there! That is just one reason why your novels all read like real-life, as though we are eavesdropping on private conversations, spying on the minutia of everyday life (Not unlike the "Truman Show"-ha ha!). Taylor, nothing you write could ever be described as "cookie cutter". Every story you choose to share is unique and memorable!
    I for one, will gladly follow you on any literary journey you are willing to take me on!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate your support. <3

  3. Disasterology 101 (hope I got that right) was recommended to me and I passed on it. I admit, love conquers all and fairy tale HEA endings are my thing, but after being drawn to the cover of Hearsay and meeting Derrick's and Roman and seeing the beginning of their story, I'll be going back to get the other books. I love the depth and the reality of Hearsay. I wanted to curl up and cry with Roman when he finally told Derrick. I can't wait for the other book. Hearsay was just amazing!

    1. Hi, Camille! I like HEAs too. They just don't happen right away in my stories.

      Thank you for giving Hearsay a shot. I'm glad to hear you ended up liking it. :-)