Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot July Days

Gorgeous picture, isn't it? It grabbed my attention the moment I saw it, and although I had decided not to participate in this particular event, I changed my mind in a second when I realized the image had not been taken yet and I had the opportunity to give these guys a Happily Ever After. 

Hot July Days M/M Style is a wonderful event taking place at the Goodread's M/M Romance Group where authors will write stories inspired by pictures posted by other members of the group. If you are not a member yet, I recommended you check them out. The people are nice and fun and the goodies (ie the pictures) are all kinds of sexy. Here's the link

My plan for today is to research, create profiles and background, plot and outline. I really want to keep the story under 15,ooo words and considering I have a tendency to go for longer arcs, I know it will take some serious concentration and maneuvering to achieve my goal.

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  1. the picture, AND to the idea of making a story from a picture! I might just try that.
    Nice to see you, Taylor!