Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visual Inspiration Friday

I absolutely love this picture, as it moves me deep within. Ten minutes after seeing it for the first time I went to write one of my best scenes to date, and all because of the tenderness captured in it that spoke volumes to me.

Inspiration is everywhere nowadays. I could be walking down the street to my very stressful job, mind occupied with all the things I need to do and the deadlines I must meet, and suddenly find myself shaping up a scene in my head after just glancing at something that got my muse going. I like that even more than when I sit down and create specific scenes. Also, I love the fact that the more I write, the easier it gets (for the most part). Hopefully I will still be saying the same when I am well into my tenth book :-)


  1. This is an awesome picture... It is so beautiful. that is what love should look like.

  2. My first time to your blog! I love it, love all the beautiful pictures!

  3. Thank you Norma and Carol, and welcome to my blog!